The libraries of the Blair County Library System provide computers and Internet Access to our patrons for informational and educational purposes. The internet (including WiFi) is provided as a free service to registered BCLS patrons in good standing. In fairness to all our patrons each library has set limits on the length of time individuals may use the service.

Minors must be protected from harmful matter. Although our computers use filtering software, the BCLS cannot be responsible for offensive material that may appear on the internet. As an internet user you are responsible for the information you choose to view. There can be no expectation of privacy on the library’s computers. Keep in mind that it is a felony in the state of Pennsylvania “To display or cause to display any explicit sexual material…on…any viewing screen in such manner that the display is visible…In any establishment where minors, as part of the general public, may be exposed to view all or any part of such materials” (Penn. Crimes Code-Sect. 5903). This restriction also applies to patrons using their own computers or devices.  Viewing such material in the public library will result in immediate termination of Internet privileges.

When time permits, library staff may be available to help users with internet searches or computer tasks; but the first priority of staff must always be to wait on patrons at the circulation desk.  Users are responsible for paying applicable fees for all pages printed during their session. Libraries may offer, and charge fees for, additional services such as scanning.

The following standards apply to computer use:

  • Copyright and software license agreements must be respected.
  • Use of computers for any illegal activity is prohibited and may be reported to the police.
  • Users should not disclose personal information to untrusted sources, or disclose personal information of others to any source. Users are responsible for logging out of all sites used while on Library computers.
  • Users must not do anything that will impede the use Computers or the Internet by others or cause damage to Library equipment and/or software.
  • Users should not modify computer settings or install programs on Library computers. The Library retains the right to restrict use of personal devices if use of such device would require installation of software or otherwise compromise Library computers in any way.
  • Computers should be muted unless personal headphones attached. The library reserves the right to modify the volume settings on computers and/or headphones.


The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information available through the Internet, and cannot guarantee its accuracy. The Library System, Directors, Staff and Trustees are not liable for direct or consequential damage from information obtained on the Internet. The Library is not responsible for USB damage, loss of data or damage to one’s own personal computer or devices as a result of using the library’s network or Wi-Fi services. Files saved on library computers are deleted at end of patron session. BCLS will not tolerate use of its computers and network in a way that violates local, state, or federal law and will refer any suspected violations to appropriate authorities.

Acceptable Use Contract

Patrons must sign the AUC form prior to using the Library’s computer to access the Internet. Students younger than high school age must have an adult present at the computer while using the Internet. All patrons under the age of 18 must also have a consent form signed by a parent or guardian in person at the Library and on file.

Failure to comply could result in loss of your library privileges.